Only the Nose Knows


This 7 week course is a fun and entertaining way to have fun with your dog.  Learn to read your dog better and trust your dog more.  You will learn the basics of scenting, how dogs track and learn to watch the body language of your pup so you know what they are saying.  Cost is $99 per 7 week class

Home Visits


Some people prefer to have me come to their home to work with a specific issue. The price per home visit is $75.  If you are located more than 20 miles from McGregor, a mileage fee may be added to the visit fee.


Beginners/Intermediate Classes


From puppies to senior dogs, this class uses positive reinforcement build the foundation of good behavior.  You and your dog will learn the basics of obedience training and help you to better understand your dog.  No two family dynamics are teh same, so you'll learn the best training methods for you and your dog.   Cost is $99 per 7 week class

K9mutt Training

There are no bad dogs only misunderstood dogs.

Advanced Classes


For your dog that already knows all the basics of obedience training, this class will take him/her to the next level.  You must have prior approval for this class.  Cost is $99 per 7 week class

Often times, the first question that anyone asks me is "How much do private lessons cost?".  After training dogs for so many years, I have come to realize that every dog training case is different and requires a varied approach to rehabilitate and train both the human and the dog.  So by knowing exactly what type of service the customer needs, will help me to give them a better idea of cost.  Call me at 254-744-9926 or email at to discuss what would work best for you.



Classes are offered through Mclennan Community College.  You must register through MCC.  Call 254-299-8888 or click here.

Classes can also be developed per request.  Contact me at 254-744-9926


K9Mutt's Commitment to Rescued Dogs


K9mutt Training is committed to helping adopted dogs go to and STAY in good homes.  With the following rescues I offer a 1 hour class in McGregor for the adopted dog and the family. By getting the dog off to a good start that chances of it being returned drops greatly.
If you are looking to adopt, check out these great rescues for that fantastic family member. I also help people to adopt the RIGHT dog. Many times the emotions tells us to adopt one dog when in reality another dog would fit the family better.

Group Training


Sometimes you may want semi-private group training that is tailored to your needs.  Groups must be made up of 4 or more teams.  Contact me for more information.

Private Lessons



K9mutt Training came about after years of watching perfectly good relationships between dogs and humans fall apart because people were not talking dog language and dogs could not get their wants and needs understood because they could not speak human. I can help you communicate better and build a positive relationship between you and your dog.