The experience of living with a family dog shouldn’t be traumatic for children. Likewise, living with children shouldn’t be traumatic for a dog. Fostering good relationships benefits everyone in the family, canine and human alike. With proper guidance and supervision, you can help your dog and your kids develop safe, fulfilling friendships.  The first step being responsible and paying attention to what your dog is telling you!

From McKinney Animal Hospital: "This is an EXCELLENT graphic!  Pay attention to what a dog is telling you. And teach children to respect a dog's space! Too many dogs end up in shelters (or worse, put down) because the adults in charge were not monitoring the child/dog situation. Many times when a dog bites a kid parents say, “There were no warnings. He just bit him for no reason.”  The unfortunate truth is that there are almost always warning signs, but the humans miss them. This photo shows a few warning signs that the dog is uncomfortable and may bite.

Doing something right

Today in my new class for this 7 weeks on Sat. I had one of those things happen that tell you -- yep I am doing something right. This older lab/heeler mix is in the class. She is adopted, the owner does not know her history but there are definitely some bad memories. If you take my class or work with me I tell people how important your pets and body placement to your dog is. This girl looked so dejected and I did a few confidence building pets along with a side placement of me. Never going over her head. Dad did not realize he did it a lot and mom realized she was guilty too. As we were talking I was sitting there my arm out in front of me. With no request from me -- our girl moved closer to me put her head into position so I would pet her under her chin. In response she laid her head in a hugging manner to me , looking at me with half closed soft eyes. Mom and Dad were blown away and I just looked at the girl and said -- you are the best girl in the world. -- she sighed. Made my day.

Pay attention to what a dog is telling you and teach children to respect a dog's space!

K9mutt Training


Tonight's class was Patience -- to all my students I am sure you remember that. For those of you that have never taken one this is what it is-- we work hard in the first couple weeks getting our basics down then we expand them. I put a drop cloth down , and toy. It is about 2' X 2' square. Then the handler with hold only the tippy end of the leash, words, hand signal and treats they had to get their dog up on the mat and have them sit to the count of 5. This was their first time so we start small and build upon it. Well as we were doing it and I was having a great laugh because of people just cannot help to jerk the leash. Angus -the 5 month dobie had so frustrated mom and dad they just gave up. Dad insisted Angus could not do it. I took the leash and in 15 second had Angus sitting, looking at me and we even went way further than 5 on the count. Could not resist my standard comment-- same dog different handlers-- who was the cause. Oh and BTW-- on leave it-- I have started throwing extra goodies at the dogs to keep the handlers on their toes. FUN night tonight.

Dog Biting

I get a lot of calls about the adult dog is biting the puppy. First this dog is NOT biting-- correction to a bratty young'n oh yes. The adult is trying to teach the younger one proper manners. The sad part is how many adult dogs have been taken to shelters for this very action and we as humans have zero idea what is going on so one has to possibly pay with it's life

There are no bad dogs only misunderstood dogs.